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“How long will my kitchen take?” Answers from BSA Contracting, the best kitchen contractor in Queens

Updated: May 24, 2021

How Long Will My Kitchen Take?

“How long will my kitchen take?” – that’s the number one question we get asked here at BSA Home Improvement Contractor. In fact, “how long will my kitchen take” is probably the number one question any kitchen contractor gets asked anywhere! Here is a basic outline of the necessary steps.

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The Design Stage: Approximately 8 Weeks

There are three stages in any remodel: design, preparation, and construction. The first step is the design, which begins with figuring out how much you can budget for this project. Remember that there are always unforeseen expenses, so the project will cost about 10% more than your initial estimate.

Next, ask yourself a series of questions:

  • Do you need more counter or storage space?

  • What type of floor would you like?

  • What kinds of appliances do you want to have?

While you’re at it, you should browse through some home improvement magazines and cut out pictures you like. These will help your kitchen contractor to understand what you’re looking for.

Next, it’s time to sit down with the designer and actually make the plans for your new kitchen. Let them know your budget, let them know what you want, and listen carefully to everything they have to say. They’ll design a new floor plan, and help you pick out everything from counters to cabinets to appliances. You might also want to ask the designer “how long will my kitchen take?” at this stage in the process – they’ll be able to give you a better estimate once they know exactly what you want.

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The Preparation Stage: 4-8 Weeks

During the preparation stage, you’ll fill out all the necessary paperwork and order whatever you need for your remodel, such as cabinets and appliances. You’ll also get your apartment ready for the kitchen contractor, by packing up everything in the kitchen and setting it aside. Buy some disposable dishes for temporary use.

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The Construction Phase: 4-6 Weeks

This is the phase most people are talking about when they ask, “How long will my kitchen take?”. The answer is generally from 4-6 weeks, although you should double that time if you need the house expanded. This is also the hardest phase to get through, because you’ll have everyone from carpenters to electricians to plumbers in your home for weeks on end!

As stressful as it can be to deal with all the noise and disruption for a month or more, the fact is you’ll get a lot more than a month of enjoyment out of your remodeled kitchen. When you hire an expert kitchen contractor like BSA Home Improvement Contracting, you’ll have everything you’ve always dreamed of in a kitchen – and you’ll have it for many years to come!

So don’t hesitate any longer – instead of asking “How long will my kitchen take” you could be calling a kitchen contractor and getting the process started!

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