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Cost Of Adding A Bathroom


Are you thinking of adding a bathroom on to your home? Whether you're building a new addition to the house or are building a new bathroom in a part of another room, you are taking on a project has a number of costs with it. Unlike remodeling or even adding on another bedroom or other space. While the costs do add up, you might be surprised at the final cost such a renovation. If you're thinking about adding on a bathroom, here are some things to realize about the cost.

A Basic Bathroom Isn't
That Expensive

First, don't panic about the budget. Adding on a fairly basic bathroom isn't that costly, especially if you're taking space from an existing room. If you want a quarter or half-bath, you'll find that $5,000 is a generous budget. Even if you're adding in a shower and tub, that will still cover the costs of a basic bathroom. It won't be extra-spacious, and it won't feature high-end fixtures. but $5,000 will get you a functional bathroom. For those who have several people sharing a bathroom, that may be all you need to make mornings go much more smoothly.


Adding on Verses Remodeling

If you're thinking about remodeling an existing bathroom instead of adding on a new one, note that remodels costs can actually be more expensive. On average, a bathroom remodel is between $8,000 and $14,000 due to demolition and other costs.

The Add-ons Are
the Costly Part


But what if you want more than a basic floor tile or a simple shower enclosure? This is where you're going to start to see the costs of your additional bathroom go up. Running a new plumbing lines is going to cost about the same no matter what you do. Even larger bathrooms don't really cost that much more since you're just running a few extra feet of pipe. It's when you start lookin at expensive backsplashes, all-glass enclosures, soaker tubs, and other spa-style fixtures that the costs greatly increase.

If you truly want a luxurious bathroom with everything you'd find at a high-end spa. you could spend as much as $75,000. That's a lot of money, but it may be worth it if it let's you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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